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 Tenure Track Faculty PositionsEdit

  1. Binghamton U, asst. prof., media and literature, due 12/1/13, link
    • MLA interview requested 12/27 (x6)
    • Rejection email after MLA interview 1/17 (x2)
    • On-campus interview scheduled 1/17
    • Offer made and accepted 3/27 link
  2. Bowdoin C, asst. prof., 20th and 21st C, due 11/8/13, link
    • writing sample requested 11/22 (x10), 11/30 (x1)
    • MLA interview requested 12/6 (x3), 12/9 (x3)
    • On-campus interview scheduled 1/14
    • offer made and accepted, link
  3. Carson-Newman U, asst. or assoc. prof. of linguistics and German, link
  4. Colorado C, asst. prof., open but with connection to an area beyond German, due 11/10/13, link
    • letters of reference requested 12/4 (x14)
    • MLA interview request by email 12/18 (x3)
    • On-campus interview scheduled 1/23
    • Rejection e-mail after MLA interview 2/3
  5. Georgetown U, asst. prof., applied linguistics, due 11/15/13, link
    • offer accepted
  6. Gettysburg C, asst. prof., open but with preference for media/film, due 11/30/13, link
    • MLA interview requested 12/10 (x6)
    • E-mail notice that both searches have concluded 3/18
  7. Harvard U, asst. prof., any period in German literature and culture, due 11/8/13, link
    • writing sample requested via email 12/2 (x11)
    • MLA interview requested via email 12/18 (x3)
    • Campus visit scheduled 1/13
    • rejection received by email, 1/29
    • offer made link
    • rejection received by phone 2/27
  8. Northwestern U, asst. prof., post-1750 German literature, due 11/18/13, link
    • MLA interview requested 12/10 (x2)
    • Campus visit scheduled
    • offer made
    • offer accepted link
  9. Oakland U, asst. prof., 20th and 21st C, due date not given, link
    • MLA interview request by phone 12/20 (x4)
    • Campus visit (second-hand information)
    • Offer extended and accepted (second-hand information)
    • Letter received saying that position has been filled 3/21
  10. Oberlin C, asst. prof., 19th C to the present, due 11/1/13, link
    • MLA interview request via phone 12/19 (x4)
    • rejection received by email, position filled 5/20
  11. Old Dominion U, asst. prof., 18th/19th/20th C, due 11/1/13, link
    • Skype interview requested via email, 12/28 (x2)
    • campus visit scheduled 1/21
    • rejection received saying their offer has been accepted
  12. Penn State U, adv. asst. or jr. assoc. prof., 20th/21st C German literature and culture, due 10/15/13, link
    • writing sample requested by e-mail 11/4
  13. Princeton U, asst. prof., literature and culture prior to 1890, due 11/4/13, link
    • writing sample requested by e-mail 11/13, 11/14
    • email (11/26): invitations for MLA interviews by mid-December
    • MLA interview requested 12/12 (x2)
    • Campus visit scheduled 1/13, link
    • offer made link
    • rejection received saying their offer has been accepted 2/27 (x2)
  14. Sewanee: The U of the Southasst. prof, 18th -and 19th-century German studies, due 11/1/13, link
    • MLA interview requested 12/5 (x7)
    • rejection received by email, position has been filled 5/7
  15. Southern Illinois U Carbondale, asst. prof, open, due 12/16/13, link
    • writing sample and teaching portfolio requested 12/18 (x8)
    • Skype interview requested by e-mail 1/17 (x2)
    • rejection received by email 2/2 (x2)
    • rejection received via USPS letter 5/6 (letter dated 5/1) (X2)
  16. Texas Tech U, asst. prof., early 20th C, Holocaust studies, link
    • Skype interview requested by e-mail 12/4 (x3)
    • on-campus interview invitation by e-mail 1/21 (x1)
    • offer made and accepted
  17. Transylvania U, asst. prof., 19th or 20th century, due 11/1/13, link
    • transcripts and letters of recommendation requested by e-mail 10/15 (x2). 10/29 (x2), 10/30 (x1), 11/1 (x5)
    • MLA interview requested 12/9 (x4)
    • email notification that search timeline is slower than expected due to presidential candidate visits; notification about on campus interviews planned for mid-February 1/27
    • email notification that search is put on hold for now, no timeline given 2/20
    • email notification that search has been cancelled, 4/8
  18. Tufts U, asst. or assoc. prof., German literature and culture, due 11/1/13, link
  19. U of California, Los Angeles, assistant, associate, or full prof., 1750-present, contribute to interdisciplinary initiatives, due 11/15/13, link
    • email (11/22): no MLA interviews; interviews via Skype in early January
    • form rejection email received, 1/27 (x4)
  20. U of Cincinnati, asst. prof., visual, media, and/or performance studies in any historical period, review begins 11/22/13 link
    • skype interview requested via email 12/2 (x4) 
    • contacted about on-campus interview via email 12/22 (x2)
    • offer made (2/26)
    • position has been filled (posted by member of the search committee) link
  21. U of Kentucky, asst. prof., sociolinguistics/TA coordinator, due 4/23/14, link
  22. U of Missouri, Columbia, asst. prof., open; theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches welcome, due 11/1/13, link
    • Writing sample requested by email 11/6 (x3), 11/7 (x1), 11/8 (x1), 11/19 (x3)
    • MLA interview requested by email 12/4 (x3), 12/6 (x1)
    • Campus visit scheduled 1/15
    • Offer made and accepted, link
    • rejection email received from dept. chair, 3/17
  23. U of North Dakota, asst. prof., strong generalist, due 10/15/13
    • Search has been cancelled, notification by email, 11/2
  24. U of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, asst. prof. open, knowledge of classical Greek, link
  25. U of Texas at Austin, asst. prof., post-1945 contemporary German literature and culture, due 11/15/13, link
    • Skype interview request via e-mail 11/26 (x3)
    • on-campus interview scheduled via email + phone
    • rejection received saying that position has been filled
  26. U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, open rank, German literature and culture, due 12/22/13, link
    • Form rejection email received 1/15 (x2)
    • Skype interview requested via email, 1/30 (x2)
  27. Washington U, asst. prof. or beg. assoc. prof., High and/or Late Medieval German, due 11/15/13, link
    • Writing sample requested by email, 11/25 (x2)
    • MLA interview requested by email, 12/9
    • Campus visit scheduled, 1/16
    • offer made and accepted, 3/5
  28. Wellesley C, asst. prof., post-1750 literature and culture, due 12/1/13, link
    • MLA interview (along with request for a syllabus and most recent chapter by 1/3) requested by phone and email, 12/20 (x3)
    • campus visit invitation by email, 1/30 (x1)
    • rejection letter received 3/8 (campus visit candidate)
    • did not hire, dept. committee could not agree on a candidate
  29. West Chester U, asst. prof. due 12/19/13, link
    • Invitation to online interview by email, 3/18 (x3)
  30. Western Illinois U, asst. prof. of German and women's studies, due 3/17/14, link
    • phone interview scheduled, 3/24 (x3)
    • campus interview scheduled, 4/10
    • offer accepted  5/22

Senior Faculty PositionsEdit

  1. Case Western Reserve U, chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, due 1/31/2014 for full consideration, link
  2. Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis, full/assoc. prof., Hoyt-Reichmann Chair in German-American Studies and German Language and Culture, due 11/4/13, link
  3. The New School, Renewable Term Faculty and Chair of Foreign Languages, link
  4. Ohio State U, full/assoc. prof. and chair, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, due 11/4/13, link  (job number 3203)
    • form rejection letter received, 2/8
  5. U of Sydney, Professor and Head of the School of Languages and Cultures, due 7/13/2014 link
  6. U of Virginia, Director of the Institute of World Languages, review begins 3/28/2014, open until filled
  7. U of Waterloo, full/assoc. prof. and Right Honourable John George Diefenbaker Memorial Chair in German Literary Studies, due 12/31/13, link
  8. Washington SU, Professor and Chair of Dept. of Foreign Languages and Cultures, open until filled, link

Visiting/Lecturer/non-Tenure Track PositionsEdit

  1. Auburn U, lecturer, due 3/31/14, link
    • phone interview scheduled
    • offer made
    • offer accepted
  2. Bloomsburg U of Pennsylvania, 1-year instructor, due 4/15/14, link
    • comically unprofessional rejection received via e-mail, 6/19
  3. Bowdoin C, 1-year sabbatical replacement, open, due 2/14/14, link
    • Skype Interview scheduled by phone, 2/21(x2)
    • rejection received by email, 3/25 (x2)
    • offer accepted link
  4. Bridgewater C, instructor, link
  5. Colgate U, 2-year asst. prof., due 12/12/13, link
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/20 (x3)
    • form rejection from search chair received, 12/23 (x4)
    • on-campus interview scheduled, 1/14
    • rejection received saying their offer has been accepted
  6. C of Charleston, visiting asst. prof., due 4/15/2014, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 4/26
    • Offer extended (second hand, reliable) 5/9
  7. C of the Holy Cross, visiting position, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 6/7
    • offer extended
  8. Cornell College, adjunct instructor, link
  9. DePaul U, 1-year visiting asst. prof./instructor, open, due 7/18/14, link
  10. Dickinson C, visiting instructor or visiting asst. prof., due 3/14/14, link
    • rejection email received, position has been filled
  11. Gettysburg C, 1-year asst. prof., due 11/30/13, link
    • offer accepted link
    • rejection received via mail
  12. Hampden-Sydney C, 1-year visiting instructor or visiting asst. prof., due 4/21/14, link
    • rejection letter received, search completed
  13. Hendrix C, 1-year instructor or visiting asst. prof., generalist, due 1/22/14, link
    • skype interview scheduled, 1/30 (x4)
    • rejection received saying that position has been filled, 3/12
  14. Hobart and William Smith C, 3-year asst. prof., generalist, due 11/1/13, link
    • MLA interview requested by email 12/11 (x3), 12/27 (x1)
    • rejection by email (no MLA interview), 1/29
    • campus interview scheduled
    • offer accepted link
  15. Knox C, 1-year visiting asst. prof. or instructor, generalist, due 5/14/14, link
    • online interview scheduled, 5/16
    • campus interview scheduled
    • rejection received 5/21
    • offer made
    • offer accepted link
  16. Louisiana State U, visiting asst. prof., due 1/25/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 2/3
    • Email rejection 3/18 
  17. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), lecturer, temporary (renewable), part-time, 1 yr., due 6/1/14
  18. Miami U, visiting asst. prof. or instructor, open, due 4/21/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 4/30 (x3)
    • Rejection received via email (w/ info that there is a successful candidate)
  19. Michigan State U, 1-year asst. prof., open, due 5/23/14, link
    • Interview scheduled, 6/11
  20. Michigan State U, Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor, spring 2015 semester, due 6/30/14 link
  21. New York U, 3-year asst. prof./Faculty Fellow, post-1750 German Lit., Poetry & Theory, due 12/2/13, link
    • Skype interview scheduled 12/9 (x2)
    • On-campus interview invitation 12/20 (x3)
    • offer made
    • offer declined
    • search suspended
  22. North Carolina State U, 1-year lecturer, link
  23. Oakland U, visiting asst. prof. 18th C. / Goethezeit, link
    • Skype interview scheduled (x2)
    • campus interview scheduled, 5/23
  24. Ohio State U, lecturer, due 6/18/2014
  25. Randolph-Macon C, visiting asst. prof.  German literature and culture, secondary interest in politics, business, and service learning, due 12/1/13, link
  26. Rutgers U, 1-year instructor, link
  27. Saint Mary's C of California, Lecturer in German link
  28. St. Olaf C, 1-year instructor or asst. prof., due 2/1/14, link
    • skype interview scheduled 3/4 (x3)
    • On-campus interview requested 3/28
    • offer accepted
  29. Schreiner U, instructor, open until filled, link
    • Rejection letter received, position has been filled 5/12
  30. State U of New York at New Paltz, 1-year lecturer, due 6/16/14, link
  31. Texas A&M, lecturer, hybrid online courses, technology-assisted learning, and alternative language learning/teaching practices link
    • MLA Interview Scheduled 12/5 (x3)
    • rejection received saying position has been filled, 3/11
  32. U of Alabama, 1-year instructor, open, due 3/31/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 5/1
    • Offer made (5/20)
    • Offer accepted (6/6)
  33. U of Chicago, 3-year lecturer, open, due 5/23/14, link
  34. U of Chicago, 3-year lecturer, open, due 7/14/14, link
  35. U of Colorado, Boulder, 1-year visiting lecturer, generalist, due 2/1/14, link
  36. U of Connecticut, visiting asst. prof., 19th-21st century German Studies, due 4/13/14, link
    • Rejection for Italian Renaissance position received via e-mail, 6/19
  37. U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1-year lecturer/instructor, due 6/27/14, link
  38. U of Kansas, lecturer/academic program associate, due 4/1/14, link
    • interview scheduled
    • rejection received by email, 4/25
    • offer accepted link
  39. U of Michigan, 1-year visiting asst. prof. or lecturer, German ethnicity or minority studies, due 3/31/14, link
    • Skype interview requested via email, 4/10
    • Offer extended and accepted 4/30 link
  40. U of Michigan, 2-year lecturer, due 3/10/14, link
    • rejection via email 6/18
  41. U of Minnesota, Morris, 3-year visiting position, due 3/10/2014, link
    • skype interview scheduled 3/28
    • Campus visit scheduled 4/10
    • rejection email received 5/19
  42. U of Mississippi, instructor, open until filled; no longer accepting applications 
  43. U of North Carolina at Charlotte, visiting lecturer, due 4/21/14, link
  44. U of North Carolina at Greensboro, visiting asst. prof., 18th-21st century literature, 1/13/14, link
    • phone interview scheduled 2/2
    • rejection email received; position has been filled 5/5
  45. U of Pennsylvania, 1-year lecturer or visiting asst. prof., 20th C, due 12/15/13, link
    • MLA interview scheduled via email 12/26
  46. U of Pittsburgh, 1-year visiting lecturer, due 7/1/14
  47. U of Rhode Island, lecturer, German for the professions, due 7/7/14, link
  48. U of Toronto, 2-year asst. prof., due 3/17/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled 4/20 
  49. U of Virginia, open until filled, link
  50. U of Washington, 3-year lecturer, possibly renewable, due 4/28/2014, link
    • rejection received; position has been filled 6/6
  51. U of West Georgia, instructor, due 4/21/2014, link
    • Skype interview scheduled 4/28 (x2)
    • Offer extended 6/17 and accepted 6/27
  52. Vanderbilt U, 2-year asst. prof., open field, due 2/14/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled 2/27
    • offer extended and accepted 4/15
  53. Vassar C, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in German Studies, 2 yrs., 1/13/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled 1/18
    • rejection received via email 4/16
  54. Virginia Tech, renewable 1-year instructor, no due date given, link
    • Notification on application website that position has been filled
  55. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Postdoctoral Scholar of German Language and Literature, due 2/3/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled 3/7 (x2)
    • campus interview scheduled
    • rejection letter received, position has been filled 5/12

Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director PositionsEdit

  1. Dartmouth C, senior lecturer, language program director, due 11/15/13, link
    • e-mail invitation to MLA interview 11/27
  2. Indiana State U, asst. prof., Coordinator of First-Year Language Program, to teach all levels of French, German, or Spanish, due 1/15/14, link
    • phone interview request 1/29
    • campus interview scheduled 2/11
    • offer extended and accepted
  3. Middlebury C, director of summer German School, 3 yrs. renewable, review begins Sept 13. link
  4. Notre Dame U, director of the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures (CSLC), 3-5 yrs., due 11/4/13, link
  5. U of Colorado, Boulder, 3-year renewable Instructor or Senior Instructor of German, due 11/11/13, linkI
    • Invitation to submit teaching portfolio and letters of recommendation requested 11/15 (x5)
    • On-Campus Visit scheduled 12/9 (x1)
    • Rejection received 12/12 (x3)
    • offer accepted

Faculty Positions outside of the USEdit

  1. Nanyang Technological U (Singapore), Lecturer in German, 3-yr. renewable contract, due 7/15/14 link
  2. New York U Berlin, Part-Time Lecturer in German Cinema Studies, Fall 2014, due 6/16/2014 link
  3. Queen Mary, U of London, Junior Fellowship in German-Swiss Literature, one semester, due 5/7/14 link
  4. Sultan Qaboos U (Oman), Lecturer, German language, due 2/20 link
  5. Tamkang U (Taiwan), asst. prof., assoc. prof., or full. prof., Germanistik / Deutsch als Fremdsprache, due 6/20/2014 link
  6. Technische U Dresden, wiss. Mitarbeiter/in / Postdoc, Medienwissenschaft (Film- und TV-Studies) oder Neuere deutsche oder vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft (19. bis 21. Jh.), due 5/30 link
  7. U of Cambridge, 3 x 4.5-year post docs in Renaissance/Early Modern, link
  8. U of Cardiff (UK), Professor of Modern Languages, esp. translation studies, contemp. cultural studies (incl. visual cultures), and lang. based area studies, due 3/17/14 link
  9. U Innsbruck, Universitätsassistent/in in linguistics, 6 yrs., due 6/11/14 link
  10. U Innsbruck, Universitätsassistent/in in Neuere deutsche Literatur (temporary position), due 6/13/14 link
  11. U of Oxford, Professor of German Medieval and Linguistic Studies, due 4/28/2014 link
  12. U of Vienna, Full Professor of Modern German Literature and Its Didactics, salary group A1, due 3/31 link
  13. U of Warwick (UK), Professor in German Studies, German and/or Austrian literature and culture since 1945, due 2/14/14, interviews to be held 2/27/14 link
  14. Australian National U, asst. prof. of French/German/Translation Studies, due 10/31/13 link
    • Skype interview scheduled 11/19 (x2)
  15. Hebrew U of Jerusalem, German literature from 18th C to modern times, due 11/3/13 link
    • form rejection email received 2/18
  16. Karl-Franzens-U Graz / Franz-Nabl-Institut, modern/comtemp. Austrian literature, due 5/28 link
  17. Leiden U, asst. prof., part time (.5 fte) fixed-term (2 yrs), German literature and culture, due  11/1/13,link
    • Rejection letter received 11/13 

Multi-Language Faculty PositionsEdit

  1. Bates C, 3-year lecturer of Russian and German, due 12/2/13, link
  2. Lake Erie C, asst. prof. of German and French, due 2/10/14, link
    • email that search has been cancelled
  3. Murray State U, asst. prof. of German and Spanish, due 11/22/13, link
    • Email received on 12/9 -Job search cancelled due to budgetary reasons; they expect to advertise a position in German and French soon.
  4. Murray State U, asst. prof. of French and German, due 2/3/14, link
    • Skype interview scheduled 2/17
    • campus interview scheduled 2/27
    • rejection received saying that position has been filled 4/4
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology, asst. prof. of French or German applied linguistics, due 12/1/13, link
  6. U of South Carolina, Columbia, instructor of German and Italian, due 5/15/14, link

Other German-Related Faculty PositionsEdit

  1. Klassik Stiftung Weimar, wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, 3 yrs., due 6/8/14 link
  2. University of Michigan, asst. prof., German History, modern German and European history, 12/1/13, link
  3. Warburg Institute, U of London, project assistant for “Bilderfahrzeuge: Warburg’s Legacy and the Future of Iconology,” due 3/4/14 link
  4. Warburg Institute, U of London, assistant archivist for project “Bilderfahrzeuge: Warburg’s Legacy and the Future of Iconology,” due 3/4/14 link
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